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NHS at 70 – the modern hospital has evolved considerably, but what service innovations are still needed in response to a continued change in demand? Aneurin Bevan on first day of NHS 5 July 1948 Park Hospital.
NHS at 70 – if original ideals are to be sustained then we need honesty on its running costs Aneurin Bevan - 1945 minister of health.
The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine’s (LSHTM) clinical research teams are active in dozens of countries, with field teams moving around by canoe in the Pacific Islands, by seaplane off the coast of Guinea Bissau and in modified off-road vehicles on the rocky terrain around Mount Kilimanjaro.
Between 80-90% of healthcare worldwide is delivered by nurses and midwives. Doctors and surgeons give & prescribe groundbreaking treatment, but without the care and follow through of the nurses those patients will not survive. Nurses are one of the most important factors for global health and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, so it’s imperative they have the skills to work effectively wherever they are in the world.

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